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New York Boy Scout Sexual Abuse

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Disclaimer on Sex Abuse Allegations:

The information contained in this ineligible volunteer (“IV”) files was created by the Boy Scouts of America. The files created between 1965-1985, were ordered released pursuant to a court order from Multnomah County Circuit Court in the case of Lewis vs. Boy Scouts of America, Case No. 0710-11294. The Oregon Supreme Court upheld the ruling on June 14th, 2012. By the terms of order, the names and contact information of persons identified as victims of sexual abuse and those that reported the abuse were redacted. The information in the Perversion Files concern allegations of child sexual abuse. In a number of the cases, the allegations were later substantiated by court proceedings. However, in a great many cases no such substantiation ever occurred. In 2012, the Los Angeles Times re-published the Perversion Files for the years 1965-1985 and as well included the Perversion Files for the period 1986 through 1991.