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Albert J. Olivieri BSA

Boy Scout Sexual Abuse Rochester New York

Youth organizations are a great way to help kids develop the skills they’ll need in later life. The BSA / Boy Scouts of America has been doing just that for nearly a century.

Boy Scouts of America Perversion Files

Unfortunately, though, not all Scouts were helped. Instead, some were hurt by leaders who sexually molested them, and the Boy Scouts of America kept records on those leaders. Dubbed the Perversion Files, the organization kept a list of every leader who was ejected from the Scouts for sexually abusing boys. The boys, however, were left to suffer the consequences.


Year: 1972
Unit City:  Rochester
Unit State: New York
Unit Number: Pack 231 

Albert J. Olivieri BSA Sex Abuse

Sex abuse survivors often deal with far reaching effects in every area of their lives. One Scout leader inside those files was Albert J. Olivierifrom Rochester , New York. For survivors,  sex abuse attorney Michael Dowd  is often the best place to turn for justice. He has had the opportunity to represent hundreds of survivors and can help you learn more about your options. Contact Michael Dowd today.


Source: Los Angeles Times